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Report: "World Kitchen ~Nagashi somen at Old Fold House~" (presented by SIED)

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Updated Jul. 3, 2017
On June 26th (Sun.), SIED and the International Exchange Association in Kyotnabe City co-hosted “World Kitchen ~Nagashi somen at Old Folk House~” at a local café called “Bio Tatara.” 17 people including international students, local student, and the association members joined to experience local Japanese culture through “nagashi somen,” one of Japanese summer traditions.
To start off the event, Mr. Tanaka, the representative of Bio Tatara and Mr. Hayashi from the association shared with the participants interesting stories about bamboo and current issues surrounding the city’s bamboo forestry. After learning much about the plant, the participants made bamboo cups, using the local bamboo.
With their own bamboo cups in their hands, it was time for the participants to try “nagashi somen.” “Nagashi somen” is a way of enjoying cold wheat noodle called “somen” in the summer; the noodle is floated down a bamboo lane and one eats the noodle by catching them with chopsticks. The participants enjoyed not only nagashi somen but also tempura made with various local ingredients and watermelon for dessert.
Before ending the event, the participants took a tour of the café which still maintains the traditional form of an old Japanese house.
We hope that the participants discovered something new about the city and about Japanese culture through the event. Thank you, Bio Tatara and the International Exchange Association, for your help in organizing such successful event!

Nagashi somen
Nagashi somen
Nagashi somen
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