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Report: "Introductory Class of Traditional KEMPO" (presented by SIED)

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Updated Jul. 13, 2017
On May 26th, 2017, SIED held "Introductory Class of Traditional KEMPO" at Davis Memorial Auditorium on Kyotanabe campus. The event was hosted with the cooperation of Kenyu-kai, the university’s official Kempo circle, in order for participants to deepen their knowledge and interest in traditional Japanese culture by taking part in an actual Kempo practice.
For the event, we invited Mr. Matsumura, the coach of Kenyu-kai and an holder of a second degree belt, and Mr Furumira, the captain of the circle as lecturers. Before participating in a Kempo practice, the participants learned about "reisetsu," or the manner in Kempo, and its cultural background.
After warming up, they went over the basic training and moves called "kata." Kata is a series of movements and techniques used in the martial art. Though difficult at first, the participants learned quickly and enjoyed practicing with the circle members. Some even borrowed the uniforms to practice in! After the practice, as a treat for their hard work, the coach and the captain demonstrated sparring, through which the participants witnessed some of the principles of Kempo such as respect and appreciation.
SIED plans to host many more events for you to take part in. We look forward to seeing you all in our future events!

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