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Report: “Wagashi KITCHEN Manju” (presented by SIED)

Updated Dec. 28, 2017
On December 20th (Wed.), SIED held “Wagashi KITCHEN Manju” at the International Community Lounge on Imadegawa campus. We welcomed 19 international students from the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Korea, China, and Taiwan.
In the event, the participants made manju (steamed buns with sweet bean paste inside) in red and white - the colors considered to be auspicious in the Japanese culture - in order to celebrate the coming New Year. Although many struggled with the sticky dough, they enjoyed decorating each manju to look like a dog, the Chinese zodiac sign for the next year, a panda, or the shape of heart.
While waiting for the sweets to cook, SIED staff introduced a horoscope based on the Chinese zodiac signs; some believe that each sign can influence people to have certain personality traits. For example, if you are born in the year of dog - 2018, 2006, and 1994 -, you are a worrywart but also an honest and loyal person.
It was the final “Wagashi KITCHEN” for 2017. Thank you all for joining us! SIED will host various events in 2018. We look forward to see you soon!

Wagashi Kitchen
Wagashi Kitchen
Wagashi Kitchen
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