The Internship Program is offered to students in all majors and years, providing them with an opportunity to explore their future career plans.

In order to cultivate comprehensive career awareness among students, Doshisha provides ‘career discovery’ seminars during students’ first and second years in conjunction with regular classes (career formation support programs) in an effort to encourage them to start thinking about the meaning and value of work from various perspectives. Internship programs are also offered to students across all faculties to provide them with the opportunity to develop future career plans through the accumulation of work experience in a real business environment. The programs include a one-day work experience for first- and second-year students and a regular program named ‘career formation and internship’ for mainly third-year students. All of the programs are designed to help support students’ career formation throughout their time at Doshisha University.

For further information, please visitCareer Center (in Japanese)