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Financial Assistance for Medical Expenses

If you undergo medical treatment at a hospital or clinic for illness or injury during your time studying at Doshisha, you can make use of the following medical fee support systems.

1. National Health Insurance System

What is the National Health Insurance System?

This is a health insurance program designed to meet some of the costs of medical treatment for illness and injury, allowing subscribers to seek medical care free from financial concerns. Subscribers must pay insurance premiums, but are then only required to pay 30% of actual expenses incurred at a medical care facility. All international students residing in Japan for one year or longer are required to enroll in the program. Students whose visa status is ‘College Student’ residing in Japan less than one year are also able to apply for the insurance. Please be sure to take out this insurance.

How to apply (procedures must be carried out at the insurance and pensions division of your local ward or city office)

Certificate of Alien Registration
Residence status of “College Student” or residence period fixed at one year or greater
* It is convenient to apply for insurance at the same time as conducting Alien Registration procedures.

Insurance premiums

Determined on an annual basis. You need to report your previous year’s income to your local ward or city office.

Premium payments

  1. Pay at a bank, post office or ward (city) office using the payment slip provided.
  2. Arrange a transfer from your bank or postal savings account.
* Transfer arrangements can be made at your local city / ward office, or at your bank.
Please notify your local city/ward office in the following cases:
  • Within 14 days of any change of address or change of family structure owing to marriage etc.
  • When you complete your studies and return to your home country, or immediately before you do so.
Lost insurance certificates should be reported to the police, and city office or ward office immediately to avert the risk of improper use.

2. Insurance Subsidy System for International Students

National Health Insurance Subsidy for Foreign Students in Kyoto

Privately funded international students in possession of a “College Student” visa who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance system in Kyoto City

Subsidy value
700 yen per month

How to apply
After filling out the online forms on the Kyoto City International Foundation website, submit the necessary form to the Office of International Education.

Your subsidy will be paid into an account opened at the Kyoto Chuo Shinyo Kinko Bank.

Students who do not have an account at Kyoto Chuo Shinyo Kinko Bank are required to open one, as the payment can only be made into Kyoto Chuo Shinyo Kinko Bank.
(Kyoto Chuo Shinyo Kinko Bank Telephone : +81-75-223-2525)

3. Medical Fee Subsidy by Doshisha University Assistance Fund for Medical and Other Fees〈for Regular Students Only〉

Doshisha University has decided to terminate the services provided under the Doshisha University Assistance Fund for Medical and Other Fees at the end of the 2018 academic year.
Click here for details.

Regular undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the National Health Insurance system.

Support provided
The university covers co-payments incurred by students receiving insuranceeligible treatment at the Health Center.

Special Students, Intensive Japanese Language Program ‘Bekka’ students and students in the Center for Japanese Language and Culture are still required to pay the 30% co-payment when treated at the Health Center (Doshisha University).
General Notes
  1. Please be sure to notify the Office of International Education of any change in address, telephone number, bank account or other details.
  2. If you have completed your course of study at Doshisha University and are arranging to leave Japan, or if you are withdrawing, taking leave of absence, being removed from the enrollment register or undergoing any other changes in your enrollment status, please be sure to visit one of the Office of International Education offices located on each campus to confirm certain matters regarding tuition fee reductions, National Health Insurance Premium Subsidies, and other matters.
  3. The Medical Expenses Reimbursement for International Students was abolished as of 2008 fiscal year.