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Regarding Japanese Language and Culture Courses

As for the academic program on Japanese language and culture, the university has established a curriculum that allows international students to get accustomed to university life as early as possible; moreover, the university provides an opportunity for students to actualize their studies in Japan by encouraging fruitful results with academic study and research and the chance to study Japanese language and culture with a degree of depth. Regardless of being an undergraduate student (regular or special student) or graduate student (regular or special student), students are encouraged to take many courses. In this way, it is hoped that such students not only exercise their academic ability but also are able to receive unit credits.

Japanese language subjects are offered at different levels of ability, with class allocations made on the basis of the Japanese Placement Test held before the start of each semester.

Furthermore, as of 2008, in order to promote our Japanese language and culture program internationally and aiming at multicultural understanding, the university is offering coursework that allows students to study alongside with Japanese and foreign exchange students, alike, Japanese culture, traditional mores, history and so on. (These courses would include: “The Tradition and Beauty of Japan”, “The Tradition and Culture of Japan”, “The Tradition and Performing Arts of Japan”, “The Japanese Tradition of Noh Play”, “The Tradition and Art of Japan”, etc.).