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Cultural Exchange with International Students

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture (“Nichibun Center”) offers various opportunities that enable cultural exchange between Japanese students and International students. Latest information will be updated on the「News & Information」site. Please check the homepage regularly.

Study with International Students

Introduction to ‘Japanese Tradition’ Lecture Series

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture offers unique subjects that give Japanese students and International students opportunities to learn Japanese traditional culture and arts together. The Course summary for the 2009 academic year is as follows. For registration procedure, please refer to the ‘Registration guide’ of each faculty.
Priority will be given to 10 Japanese students and 25 International students in each class, and prior registration will be required. In case of too many applicants, there will be a drawing for registration.

The Tradition and Beauty of JapanSpring
Ikebana SessionEnglish (Japanese)
*Practical study fee will be required.
The Tradition and Culture of JapanSpring
Tea Ceremony SessionJapanese (English)
The Tradition and Performing Arts of JapanSpring
Guest SpeakerJapanese
The Japanese Tradition of Noh PlaySpring
Noh PlayJapanese (English)
The Tradition and Arts of JapanSpring
Craft PracticeJapanese

Participate in Volunteer Activities

Volunteers in Classes

We recruit student volunteers for various supporting roles; help practicing conversations or participating in discussions. (It will be helpful for International students if volunteers speak according to the level or speed of the student’s abilities.)
After application, please try not to cancel or be late for the time appointed for meeting.

For details, please refer to the following links ‘Japanese class volunteer recruiting’ (PDF), or check the message boards at the International Community Lounge (Imadegawa Campus / Fusokan 2F) or at the Kyotanabe Campus (Shigyokan 1F) for updated information. To apply, please submit the prescribed application forms at the Office of International Education on the respective campus. (Acceptance in order of arrival)

Imadegawa Campus: Japanese class volunteer recruiting (April 2009) (in Japanese) [PDF 597KB]
Imadegawa Campus: Japanese class volunteer recruiting (May 2009) (in Japanese) [PDF 525KB]
Kyotanabe Campus: Japanese class volunteer recruiting (April 2009) (in Japanese) [PDF 166KB]
Kyotanabe Campus: Japanese class volunteer recruiting (May 2009) (in Japanese) [PDF 291KB]

Pick-up Volunteers

Before the semester begins, we recruit student volunteers to support new international students who have just arrived in Japan (approximately 110 students). Please apply if you are interested, as it may be a great opportunity for intercultural exchange.

Summer Session Volunteers

‘Summer Session-Japanese Language and Culture Study’ will be held for the period of three weeks in July-August every year.
We recruit student volunteers who will be able to pick up international students at Kyoto station, or to assist them during Japanese classes (field-trips, hands-on experiences on Japanese culture or language classes). The summer session will be held from 22nd July to 7th August this year, however, volunteers may be requested to help during the period prior to and after the program. Please check the message board or the ‘News & Information’ site for details.

Other Volunteers

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture will also recruit “Career support volunteers” to give International students of the Intensive Japanese Language Program “Bekka”, who intend to pursue a study in the upper program guidance regarding faculty/graduate schools. The center is also planning to recruit “Registration assistant volunteers” who can offer guidance and tips for registration procedures.
Details for these recruitments will be available at the message board at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture or on the ‘News & Information’ site.

International Community Lounge - Event

The International Community Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the Fusokan.

International students studying Japanese, or Japanese students who have little confidence in foreign languages, please feel free to come by the International Community Lounge. (Students who wish to improve their language skills are also welcome.) Furthermore, the center encourages student volunteers to organize international exchange. Details will be available at the message board or on the ‘News & Information’ site.
For the location and opening hours of International Community Lounge, please refer to the following chart. If you are interested, please come by the lounge.

LocationImadegawa Campus Fusokan 2F (West)
International Community Lounge
Opening Hours(Monday to Friday) 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(Saturday) 9:00 a.m. – midday

  • During summer and winter vacations the lounge is opened in accordance with the office hours of the Center for Japanese Language and Culture.