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Experiential Programs

Experiential Programs
Empowerment & Ecology Tour in Iriomote-jima (in Japanese)A residential eco-tour program on nature and life experience incorporating an empowerment experience in which participants learn to discover their potential physical and mental strength.
Self-Discovery Eco-Tour in Shirakawa-go (in Japanese)An "eco-tour" is an overnight or residential program with an emphasis on nature and lifestyle experiences. Through co-operative activities, participants gain enhanced awareness of both themselves and others. This Self-Discovery Eco-Tour aims to increase participants' capacity for forming positive interpersonal relationships while making the most of the rich natural environment of Shirakawa-go.
Hakodate Camp (in Japanese)The venue for this camp is the city of Hakodate in Hokkaido, where Doshisha's founder Joseph Hardy Neesima embarked on his journey overseas in 1864 at the age of 21, in defiance of the Tokugawa Shogunate's prohibition on travel outside Japan. Participants learn about the life of Joseph Hardy Neesima and reflect on the Doshisha institution during a 5-night / 6-day program that encourages participants to get in touch with their inner selves through encounters and interaction with others.
Freshers' Camp (in Japanese)This program facilitates interaction between new students and their colleagues, seniors and faculty/staff members, thereby helping students to build the foundations of a meaningful life as a Doshisha student.
Act Together Program = @ Programs (in Japanese)In the Act Together Program, students from across different faculties and extracurricular groups are joined by faculty/staff members in the pursuit of some kind of distinct “experience.” Activities operated to date include “Self-Discovery@Fuji,” “Free Climbing@Ohara,” and “Pottery@Higashiyama Gojo.”
Empowerment Program (in Japanese)This 4-5 day live-in program uses contact with and direct experience of superb natural environments as a means for participants to re-assess their own ways of living. The program is always run in natural surrounds, with destinations to date including Bizen, Kumano and Okinawa.
Neesima Memorial Walk (in Japanese)Launched to mark Doshisha’s 130th anniversary, this program entails a walk through the New England region of the United States to explore Doshisha’s roots and give thanks to the people of the region.
Self-Discovery Program in Mongolia (in Japanese)This program takes participants to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to reflect on their own lives while experiencing the full splendor of Mother Nature. The group assembles its own ger (yurt) in a nomad settlement and engages in a variety of hands-on work activities including drawing water and milking livestock.