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Career Support

Supporting each student to determine his or her career path

The University provides sincere support to each student so that they can think about their future, make their own decisions, and blaze their own trail. 

Employment Results

High Employment Results

Through substantial and well-developed career support services and activities, Doshisha University continues to maintain a high employment rate (98.8% for 2023 graduates) . In our recent survey of students who have been assured of a job before graduation, about 90% were ‘greatly satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their places of employment. Employers and other recruiting organizations consistently give high praise to the students of Doshisha University. This high employment rate is a result of the university’s efforts to support students in their choice of career path, and is achieved not by narrowing down to specific academic and career areas or being swayed by the scale and name recognition of employers, but by respecting students’ individual values and interests. Under the educational policy of valuing the independent spirit of individuals cultivated in a liberal school culture, Doshisha University has been producing high caliber graduates who can act on their own initiative and succeed in a variety of career fields. Above all, the firmly established reputation of such alumni has undoubtedly helped to ensure the consistently high rate of employment of Doshisha graduates.

FY2022 Career Paths After Graduation (as of March 31, 2023)

 Career Paths after Graduation (as of March 31, 2022)

FY2022 Graduate Employment Rate by Industry (as of March 31, 2023)

FY2021 Graduate Employment Rate by Industry (as of March 31, 2022)

*Miscellaneous educational institutions, NPOs, religious corporations, medical and health-care services, nursing care businesses, and government employees are categorized in ‘Public Sector and Others’ (G).

FY2022 Graduate Employment Rate by Size of Industry (as of March 31, 2023)

FY2021 Graduate Employment Rate by Size of Industry(as of March 31,2022)

Top 30 companies employing graduates in the past decade

Top 30 graduate employers in the past 10 years (by study area: humanities and sciences)

Career Support

Systematic and detailed support system for each student’s life planning

The Career Center hopes that students will recognize the meaning of “working” in society, build their future plans as an extension of the knowledge and interests they acquired while at school, and make independent career choices from a lofty perspective with an eye on their own future life planning. 

Actively promoting awareness from the first year

In order to foster a comprehensive career awareness, the career discovery seminars are offered in conjunction with regular subjects (career formation support programs) from the first and second year to provide students with an opportunity to think about the meaning of working in society from multifaceted perspectives. Internship programs are also offered to all undergraduate students, starting with lower year students, with the aim of providing students with an opportunity to think about their future plans by gaining work experience at companies and local governments while they are still in school. Career formation support through internships is provided according to the developmental stage of students, ranging from a one-day internship for first- and second-year students to a regular subject, Career Development and Internship, mainly for third-year students. These programs emphasize an educational perspective rather than a direct link to employment. 

Database available for viewing from home

In recent years, information about job hunting has increased dramatically. The University collects and accumulates the latest information on companies to provide students with accurate and timely information, and supports their job hunting in the information age through the effective use of information systems. The online career support system “e-career” provides information unique to the Career Center, such as information on seminars hosted by the Career Center and experience reports written by students who have completed their own job hunting. The “job and internship information search website” allows students to browse job and internship information registered directly by companies. Both can be accessed 24 hours a day from home or on the road, making them valuable tools in the job-hunting process. 

Employment support centers

Employment support centers also in place

One of the characteristics of the University is that many students are employed not only by Kansai-based companies but also by companies based in Tokyo. There are two centers for employment support, the Osaka Satellite Campus and the Tokyo Satellite Campus in Osaka and Tokyo, respectively. They serve as a base for communication between companies and Doshisha University, and are used as a place to gather a variety of employment-related information and to interact with seniors who are currently employed by these companies. 

Tokyo Satellite Campus

The Tokyo Satellite Campus serves as a base in the Tokyo metropolitan area for various activities including education, research, and university reforms promoted by the University, and collects and shares necessary information. It also provides a venue and support for events organized by the University, educational and research activities, industry-academia-government collaboration activities, and students’ job-hunting activities, as well as a place for alumni to exchange information and interact. 

Kyobashi East Building 3F, 2-7-19 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to,

Osaka Satellite Campus

The Osaka Satellite Campus is used as the Osaka Placement Support Office of the Career Center and as an evening classroom for the Graduate School of Business. Doshisha University provides various services at its Osaka Satellite Campus as a support office to help students find jobs more smoothly. 

Umeda Square Building 17F, 1-12-17 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, 


The Internship Program is offered to students in all majors and years, providing them with an opportunity to explore their future career plans.

In order to cultivate comprehensive career awareness among students, Doshisha provides ‘career discovery’ seminars during students’ first and second years in conjunction with regular classes (career formation support programs) in an effort to encourage them to start thinking about the meaning and value of work from various perspectives. Internship programs are also offered to students across all faculties to provide them with the opportunity to develop future career plans through the accumulation of work experience in a real business environment. The programs include a one-day work experience for first- and second-year students and a regular program named ‘career formation and internship’ for mainly third-year students. All of the programs are designed to help support students’ career formation throughout their time at Doshisha University.

For further information, please visit Career Center (in Japanese)
Career Center (in Japanese)

Acquiring qualifications 

The University supports students in acquiring various licenses and qualifications through a strong backing system that includes a wide variety of courses and guidance sessions. 

For further information, please visit Center for License and Qualification(in Japanese)
Center for License and Qualification(in Japanese)