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Institute for Advanced Research and Education

Achieving excellence in graduate education through development and implementation of advanced interdisciplinary programs conducted common to graduate schools

The Institute for Advanced Research and Education is a cross-graduate organization that aims to promote advanced, interdisciplinary, and globalized graduate school education by utilizing the results of the university's distinctive advanced research.

The following five undertakings are being implemented with the aim of promoting the autonomous career development of graduate students and of further enhancing the education of our university.
(1) Development and implementation of graduate school education programs aimed at cultivating basic abilities common to academic fields or other fields
(2) Development and implementation of a systematic graduate school education program on specific issues
(3) Support for the development and implementation of new university-wide educational programs in undergraduate and graduate schools
(4) Promotion and coordination of social cooperation necessary for the implementation of university-wide educational programs
(5) Lastly, contribute to the advancement of university and graduate school education.

Currently, as a promoter of "new developments of learning styles" in "Doshisha University Vision 2025-Dynamic Doshisha University", we are developing and managing programs such as

  1. "Doshisha University Niijima Juku "(JPN), a leader training program
  2. "ALL DOSHISHA Education Promotion Program"(JPN), a program aimed at strengthening the distinctive educational programs of faculties and graduate schools and spreading them throughout the university
  3. "Global Resource Management", a leading doctoral education program that trains global leaders who will challenge the realization of a multicultural society from the perspective of the fusion humanities and sciences.
  4. "Comm 5.0-AI / Data Science Minor Program"(JPN), to think about new communication and community in Society 5.0
  5. "Next environment" collaborative creation course(JPN), to foster innovation creativity backed by a universal and multifaceted perspective

Detailed information on each program is available from New developments of learning styles (original site/ JPN)

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Institute for Advanced Research and Education

Telephone : +81-75-251-3259
Fax : +81-75-251-3152
E-mail : ji-ktken@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

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