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Education & Library

Multifaceted support for educational and research activities 

Doshisha University has educational facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and organizes many university-wide initiatives and educational programs across the boundaries of faculties and graduate schools. 


The Imadegawa Library holds approximately 810,000 books collected from the time of its founding to the present, while the Learned Memorial Library on the Kyotanabe Campus holds approximately 260,000 books, mainly basic learning materials, supporting the use of multimedia resources and access to various academic information databases. 

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a space where information is transformed into knowledge and knowledge into creation. By encouraging encounters with a variety of people, things, and information, as well as discussions and development with peers, it will inspire new learning possibilities. 

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Introduces various centers that have been established to improve and enhance the educational capabilities of the University as a whole, conduct appropriate research activities, support students in obtaining licenses and qualifications, and otherwise enhance educational and research activities, and to develop the University by offering various programs based on the University’s educational philosophy. 

Institute for Advanced Research and Education

The Institute for Advanced Research and Education develops and implements various interdisciplinary educational programs in an effort to promote autonomous career development for graduate students.

List of Search Systems

Various information held by Doshisha University can be searched and viewed through the following system.