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Types of International Students

International students at Doshisha University are classified into Regular Students, Special Students / Research Students, "CGE" and "CJLC" Students (Exchange Students), and Visiting Graduate Students.

Regular Students (Full-Time, Degree-Seeking Students)

Regular Students are those who expect to complete the designated undergraduate or graduate curricula of the university. The standard period of study for obtaining a degree is four years for undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) programs, two years for master’s degree programs, and three years for doctoral degree programs. This does not apply to those pursuing a double-degree program or those enrolled in the professional degree programs.
Click here for information on admission to our undergraduate and graduate schools.

Special Students / Research Students

Special Students / Research Students are those who either audit or enroll to fulfill requirements for particular courses in undergraduate or master’s programs, or those who seek a professor for directed research in a doctoral program.
The following are features of Special Students / Research Students:

  • In principle, students are admitted in April.
  • In principle, duration of studying at Doshisha University is up to one year.
  • In principle, students are allowed to earn up to 20 credits per year.
    Some of credits earned as a Special Student may be transferred when becoming a Regular Student.
  • Student will have a professor as his/her academic advisor.
  • Certificates for completing the courses may be issued.
  • Those who wish to become Regular Students are required to pass the examination.

For details, please refer to “ Admissions Guide for International Undergraduate/Graduate Students ”.

Exchange Students ("CGE Program" and "CJLC Program")

Exchange Students are thosse who come from our partner universities to study Japanese language and culture should join either CGE program or CJLC program.
Click here for information on admission to the CGE and CJLC programs.

Visiting Graduate Students

Visiting Graduate Students are those who are enrolled in a graduate school outside of Japan and come to Doshisha University for a period of one to twelve months with the purpose of carrying out research under supervision of professors at Doshisha University. Students are not allowed to take any courses or earn credits.
Click here for information on admission as a Visiting Graduate Student.