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For alumni


To promote close networking with alumni, the University undertakes a variety of initiatives, including special events.



There is no events to announce.

Information for alumni

Provides information on certificate issuance procedures and content for alumni. 

DOO Net Doshisha University OG/OB Network 

—Lifelong ties with one’s alma mater 
Services such as a lifetime email address, mailing list, and information message board are available. Graduates are encouraged to contribute their experience, know-how, and networks that they have cultivated over the years for the benefit of their alma mater. 

Doshisha-related books and goods 

Books such as Manga de Yomu Niijima Jo (Jo Niijima in Manga) and stationery products such as ballpoint pens, clear files, and writing pads, as well as many original products such as Doshisha College Song CDs, Doshisha Daiginjo sake, and Doshisha wine are available. 

Doshisha-related items

Doshisha Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Doshisha.