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Social Awareness Support

The Student Support Services Center is implementing various support initiatives to facilitate students’ independence and enhance their interest in and motivation for social activities.

Hakodate Camp

Hakodate is the city in Hokkaido from which the founder of Doshisha, Joseph Neesima, embarked for the US in defiance of an overseas travel ban. Hakodate Camp is a six-day overnight program that aims to provide participating students with an opportunity to learn about the life of Neesima, and also to develop self-awareness through interactive activities.


CLAP is a program that offers various workshops utilizing Kambaikan Clover Hall. Drama and music workshops, for example, are organized every semester in which students can perform alongside invited professional musicians and actors. The workshops offer all students - from quiet, shy types to natural performers - a unique experience, as well as a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and nurture new skills. A stage show in front of an audience is held following each workshop.