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Support for Challenged Students

Computer-based note-taking support Computer-based note-taking support Designated parking for persons with disabilities Designated parking for persons with disabilities

Doshisha University is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy the full benefit of their university experience centered around fair and open access to academic programs. The university provides extensive support and assistance for students with disabilities, and responds to their specific needs accordingly. This may include academic support such as note taking and computer-assisted translation, and lifestyle support such as help for wheelchair users. The campus itself has also been improved for disabled students with the introduction of, for example, slopes and disabled-friendly toilets. The aim of supporting challenged students is to foster the personal and academic growth and independence of both students with disabilities and those who support them. Furthermore, it is expected that the experiences and knowledge gained from such interactive support will be passed onto the local community, thereby generating organic collaboration between the university and the local community.

For further information, please visitDivision of Student Diversity and Accessibility Support (in Japanese)
Division of Student Diversity and Accessibility Support