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Research & Partnerships

Promoting research activities that leverage the University’s unique characteristics 

At Doshisha University, many distinctive research activities are conducted across a variety of fields in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences beyond each graduate school or academic domain, in addition to individual faculty members’ research activities. In addition, research activities are conducted not only within the University but also in collaboration with research institutes, companies, and local governments outside the University. The results from these activities are returned to society at large, contributing to the development of social activities and to the educational and research activities of the University, thereby fostering the next generation of researchers. 

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Research Institutes

The University not only conducts independent research within each faculty and graduate school, but also hosts the Institute for Study of Humanities and Social Sciences, the International Institute of American Studies, and Harris Science Research Institute as centers for interdisciplinary collaborative research. All of these research institutes have been practicing and promoting research utilizing the traditions and characteristics of the University for more than half a century, and the results of their research are widely shared with society through the University’s education and through public lectures and seminars. 

Organization for Research Initiatives and Development

The University has established the Organization for Research Initiatives and Development to form a Base for Advanced Education and Research, and to support research activities in a comprehensive manner. The Organization for Research Initiatives and Development consists of a group of research bases and support organizations, and is working to return research results to education and contribute to society. 

Researchers Information

Information on researchers at the University is available.