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Student Exchange Program

Doshisha University welcomes exchange students from partner universities around the world.

Student Exchange Program

Exchange students from overseas partner universities belong to the Center for Global Education and Japanese Studies, and take courses offered by "Global Education Module (GEM)" (known as GEM student) or "Japanese Language and Culture Module (Nichibun)" (known as Nichibun student) and, along with regular students, have access to all campus facilities. The Global Education Module (GEM) offers courses for Japanese Culture, Sciety and Nature in English.  The Japanese Language and Culture Module (Nichibun) offers courses for Japanese language and culture in Japanese.

For further information, please visit Prospective International Students

The website of Prospective International Students also provides information on the following:

  • ・Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs
  • ・Japanese Government Scholarship Program
  • ・Student Exchange Program
  • ・Japanese Language and Culture Program to Prepare for University Study
  • ・Short-term Program
Prospective International Students