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Center for Environment and Laboratory Studies Support

Promoting collaborative efforts across campus under the environmental declaration for contributing to the preservation of the global environment and the realization of a sound material-cycle society

The Center for Environment and Laboratory Studies Support is engaged in two primary areas of operation : environmental preservation and laboratory studies support.
The purpose of the environmental preservation activity is to independently and continuously ensure the safety of people and preserve the environment on campus and in the surrounding area by managing activities related to safety control and environmental preservation across the entire campus.
Today, environmental pollution of air, water and soil is not only a problem which risks endangering people’s health in polluted areas but also a serious issue of global concern. We at the Center for Environment and Laboratory Studies Support believe that, in addition to equipping students with global perspectives, it is the social responsibility of universities to foster people with high environmental awareness who are attentive to the health and safety of other individuals through education linked to understanding the concept of environment preservation. With the public becoming ever more environmentally aware, it is crucial for universities to integrate appropriate environmental and safety measures into educational and research activities. Doshisha University has been implementing such efforts, centered around the Environment Preservation Committee. The Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences, established in 2008, was the first faculty at Doshisna University to conduct life sciences research work involving scientific experiments. As such research requires the disposal of experimental waste, a more thorough environmental preservation and safety control system must be implemented soon.

This center is committed to preventing environmental pollution caused by chemical, radioactive and other materials used in educational and research activities, as well as protecting the living environment of students, teachers, staff and surrounding residents. As part of its role, the center also monitors every educational and research activity of the university for health hazards or environmental pollution, and gives a warning or guidance according to its findings.

The aim of laboratory studies support is to establish a comprehensive structure on campus for providing technical guidance and management regarding laboratory experiments, and to contribute to the fulfillment and development of science education.

Classes which include laboratory work have been conducted according to the implementation system of each faculty. Laboratory work requires various support activities, such as daily maintenance of experimental facilities, equipment and instruments, preparation and blending of experimental materials corresponding to the number of students involved, and designing detailed curricula that could include fieldwork. As the level of preparation may strongly influence educational effectiveness, constantly securing people with specialized skills is highly necessary. In addition, it has become a major educational goal in the field of science and engineering to promote a proper safety education for preventing industrial accidents from occurring and a technological education with a strong emphasis on social and ethical awareness. Accordingly, the education of laboratory studies must also respond to such requirements appropriately.

The center, established when the education and learning structure was fully strengthened on the Kyotanabe Campus, is a comprehensive organization that provides interdisciplinary support to laboratory studies. The center maintains its efficient operational procedures under a comprehensive management structure regarding personnel, facilities, and budget requisitions in close collaboration with faculties which have laboratory subjects, as well as the Center for Laboratory Studies. The center is also positively advancing the succession and accumulation of technologies and skills through intensive distribution of personnel, aiming to further strengthen the support framework for the laboratory studies of the university.

The center’s two functions of environmental preservation and laboratory studies support have many aspects in common, such as those regarding safety and the environment. The primary goal of the center is to organically collaborate the two functions through a comprehensive operating structure and develop them into further workable activities.


Ishinkan Building, Kyotanabe Campus
1-3 Tatara Miyakodani, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto-fu 610-0394

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Office of the Center for Environment and Laboratory Studies Support

Telephone : +81-774-65-7772
Fax : +81-774-65-7776
E-mail : jt-hozen@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

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