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To lead a fulfilling student life, it is important to be physically and mentally healthy. However, there are many challenges students encounter which may generate various concerns and may affect students’ health. Students who are new to university, new to Kyoto, or even new to Japan will experience significant changes in environment. It is common that these situations can make students feel stressed and overwhelmed. We have “Counseling Center” at both Imadegawa and Kyotanabe campuses to provide assistance in dealing with concerns regarding academics, studying overseas, future career paths, interpersonal relationships, health, etc. By discussing and working together, we will support students to be able to deal with their concerns and make their own decisions. If necessary, we can also introduce other departments on campus or organizations outside the university. Confidentiality will be strictly maintained, so please feel free to contact us. Counseling is available in both Japanese and English. In addition to individual counseling, we also hold workshop to help you lead a richer student life.

Examples of concerns students bring to us

  • Learning issues,
  • Studying overseas,
  • Mental and physical health,
  • Future career path,
  • Daily life,
  • Interpersonal relationships,
  • Neurodevelopmental issues, etc.
For inquiry, please
contact :

Counseling Center (IMADEGAWA)

Telephone : +81-75-251-3275
Fax : +81-75-251-3127

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Counseling Center (KYOTANABE)

Telephone : +81-774-65-7415
Fax : +81-774-65-7485

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Related Information Counseling (for current students)
For current students, we will provide detailed information such as opening hours.