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Housing and Dining

Dining on Campus

There are many restaurants and cafes located across both Imadeawa and Kyotanabe campuses, offering a wide variety of food and drink to help maintain students’ health, as well as serving as a place for communication and relaxation. Dining facilities, which include a cafeteria, an authentic French restaurant, and eateries specializing in rice omelet, curry, fresh bread, pork cutlet, and noodles, are open to the general public.

Dining Guide including restaurant information, menus and store hours

On-campus Housing (dormitories)

Doshisha University has four dorms for men and two dorms for women. Each dormitory has its unique tradition and culture, and is basically operated by dormitory students autonomously. The university strives to respond to the financial needs of students by keeping the rent reasonable.

Off-campus Housing

About 40 percent of Doshisha University students live in an apartment or rent a room in a home. Doshisha University helps students find low cost accommodation through real estate agents designated by the university.