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Information Security Policy

Doshisha University Information Security Policy

As educational and research activities, as well as clerical work, become increasingly dependent on information technology, it is essential to ensure the security of information. To utilize various information that Doshisha University holds more efficiently and safely, it is necessary that every member of the university recognize the importance of information security and follow the basic policy, operation rules and procedures for using such information.
Doshisha University has developed the Information Security Policy with Basic Rules of Operation of Information Systems as its basic policy.

Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy is a documentation listing the rules for managing information assets within the organization safely, which comprises a three-layered structure. Doshisha University defines Layer1 (L1) and Layer2 (L2) as its security policy.

Information Security Policy
Layer1 (L1) Basic Policy Basic policy on information security measures is defined.
Layer2 (L2) Operation rules and security measure standards Rules and standards for ensuring information security specified in the basic policy are defined.
Layer3 (L3) Procedures and guidelines Specific procedures and actions to follow the security measure standards are defined.

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