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Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

The founder of Doshisha, Joseph Neesima, studied at Phillips Academy, Amherst College and Andover Theological Seminary in the US, and became the first Japanese citizen to earn academic degrees from higher education institutions in the West. Upon founding Doshisha, Neesima presented ‘internationalism’ as one of its fundamental educational ideals, advocating the importance of ‘viewing and learning from the world’. With Neesima’s spirit still very much alive through the campus, Doshisha supports young adventurers who have a keen desire to see, feel and experience the world by offering rich and diverse overseas learning programs.

Sending Doshisha University students to overseas partner universities

Nurturing individuals active on the global stage-a wide range of study abroad programs open gateways to the world

Inter-University Agreement

Stanford University Stanford University

Doshisha University has concluded a student exchange agreement with 138 universities in 34 countries and regions (as of Aug 31, 2015). The agreement involves Doshisha sending its students to overseas partner universities for a period of six months or one year during their time at university. Currently more than 200 students can enroll in the program. Most students, regardless of the faculty or graduate school they are enrolled in, are able to apply for the program, and the period of studying abroad counts as part of the requirement for graduation. Applicants are selected through a comprehensive evaluation of their academic achievement, language proficiency and application document as well as their performance in an interview conducted by the faculty or graduate school. Students with sufficient language ability can take specialized subjects at a partner university in the same manner as local students, and those who wish to enhance their language proficiency can take short- or medium-term intensive programs.

Agreements between Faculties and between Graduate Schools

Some faculties and graduate schools of Doshisha University have separately concluded a student exchange agreement with those of foreign universities.

Study Abroad Programs for Language Learning

Summer and Spring Programs

Students can attend intensive language programs in the institutions of English-speaking countries (or countries where other language are spoken) during a summer or spring vacation. Participating students can enhance their foreign language proficiency through a preliminary language training program conducted at Doshisha University and an intensive language program at an overseas institution. These programs also help students deepen their understanding of their chosen country’s culture and society, as well as develop their international awareness and perspective.

Semester Program

The Semester Program offers English training at an overseas university for about four months during the Fall Semester. Participating students can deepen their understanding of the culture, society and history of the country they will visit in the preliminary program conducted at Doshisha University during the spring semester. A well-designed intensive English training program is offered at an educational institution acknowledged for its foreign language education in an overseas country. In addition, staying in a homestay will help students develop a comprehensive English language ability in everyday situations. This is a popular program for those who wish to take time to learn English and for those who wish to participate in a long-term study abroad program.

For further information, please visit Office of International Affairs

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Office of International Affairs

Other Study Abroad Programs

Studying at Amherst College

There are two scholarships for students wishing to study at Amherst College.
The Neesima Scholarship was established by Amherst College in 1954 to commemorate Joseph Neesima who graduated from the college in 1870. Twenty-eight Doshisha students have been selected for this scholarship. The Doshisha Neesima Scholarship was launched by The Doshisha in 1984 with the Neesima Fund, established using a part of the donation collected for the project cerebrating 100 years of the founding of Doshisha. The recruitment of students for the Neesima Scholarship and the Doshisha Neesima Scholarship takes place alternately every other year. In effect, one student is sent from Doshisha to Amherst College each year.

For further information, please visit The Doshisha

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