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About Doshisha Top Page

Doshisha University has its roots in Doshisha Eigakko (Academy) founded by Jo Niijima, one of the six great educators of the Meiji Era. 

Doshisha University is a university consisting of 14 faculties and 16 graduate schools, which originated from Doshisha Eigakko (Academy) established in Kyoto in 1875.
Inheriting the passion for education of its founder, Jo Niijima, for 150 years, the University has continued to cultivate “those who use their abilities as conscience dictates” based on the founding spirit of “education of conscience” and to send out into society people who are active in various fields, including economics, politics, religion, education, and social services. 

University Overview

Provides an overview of Doshisha University, including its characteristics, President and Vice Presidents, the number of students and Academic Staff/Faculty, and management information. 

History and Educational Philosophy

Introduces Doshisha University’s philosophy and history to this day, including its founding spirit, purpose of its foundation, and the founder, Jo Niijima. 

Campus Guide & Access

Provides details of each campus and transportation access. 

Major Educational Initiatives

Introduces the University’s unique initiatives. 

Campus Publications and Events

Introduces various pamphlets published by the University and the Doshisha College Song. 

Risk Management

Introduces the University’s risk management, including the safety confirmation system for promptly ascertaining the status of injuries or other damage in the event of a disaster or other emergency, response to an infectious disease outbreak, and other risk countermeasures.