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International Top Page

Providing global education based on “internationalism,” one of the University’s educational philosophies 

At a time when leaving the country was forbidden, Jo Niijima ventured out of Japan to learn about the world and feel the world for himself. His life abroad awakened him to the importance of education, which led him to establish Doshisha. Doshisha University fosters an attitude of learning with an eye to the world, just as its founder, Jo Niijima, did. 



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Study Abroad

In order to support many students to study abroad, the University has established a variety of programs in accordance with students’ goals and levels, scholarships to help students prepare for and participate in study abroad, and a variety of programs to improve language skills. 

Initiatives for International Exchange and Study Abroad

To further accelerate “internationalism,” Doshisha University is carrying out various initiatives based on its unique characteristics.