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“The Manga Story of Jo Niijima”

“The Manga Story of Jo Niijima-A Quest for Freedom-” has been published.
(Japanese and English versions)

The Manga Story of Jo Niijima

Today is the age of manga. In particular, Japanese manga (comic books), gekiga (dramatic pictures) and anime (animated movies) are rapidly growing in popularity all over the world. Taking advantage of this global manga boom, as well as bringing the history of Doshisha University to ‘the aliterate generation’. Doshisha produced a total of 15,000 copies of The Manga Story of Jo Niijima. (10,000 copies of the Japanese version were published in 2008 and 5,000 copies of the English version in 2009).

The Japanese version (952 yen plus tax) is still available for sale at bookstores.
The English version is scheduled to be sent to prospective international students via the International Center, and is also distributed to partner universities overseas. The book, by artists Shigeru Noda (illustrations) and Takao Wajun (storyline), was created under the supervision of Yasuhiro Motoi (Professor of the School of Theology) with the English translation by Nobuyoshi Saito (Professor of the Faculty of Letters) and David Chandler (Associate Professor of the Faculty of Letters). The book passionately depicts the history of Doshisha University, which since its foundation has become a major part of the international academic community. Due to its recognized international standing, Doshisha University was selected for the MEXT G30 Program as an international base for efforts to promote the globalization of university education.

The Manga Story of Jo Niijima ¥ 1,000 (tax included, shipping cost not included)
The Manga Story of Jo Niijima (sequel version) ¥ 1,000 (tax included, shipping cost not included)

For those who wish to buy this book, please contact Doshisha Enterprise (in Japanese)

Doshisha Enterprise is a company funded completely by The Doshisha. It supports education and research at Doshisha University, as well as the university’s community service and social action programs, in partnership with The Doshisha.

The book is also available at the Co-op Bookstore on campus.,
Doshisha Co-op website (in Japanese)

Doshisha Enterprise