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Certificate Application by Proxy

How to Apply for Certificate by Proxy ※Available only at the counter

In principle, only the person awarded the certificate(s) can apply for them. Proxy application is acceptable only due to unavoidable situations. In this case, we will confirm that such an application is truly based on the applicant’s intention. In this case, please bring the three items stated below to the office.
If you have any questions or the cases stated below don’t apply to your situation, please contact the office of faculty, school or graduate school where you belonged in advance.

  1. Power of Attorney (original copy)
  2. The applicant’s *identification document (copy)
  3. The proxy’s *identification document (original copy)

【*: Identification document (must be within the expiration date)】

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Special Permanent Residence Card
  • Residence Card
  • My Number Card

Health Insurance Card is accepted only if you do not have any one of the above. If a student of the University is the proxy, his/her Student ID Card is also accepted.

Important Notes

  1. Power of Attorney
     The form is optional but must include the following information.

    • Date of creation
    • The applicant’s current address, name, phone number, date of birth, and signature or stamp
    • Entrusted affairs (Application and receipt of the certificate(s))
    • The reason for proxy
    • The proxy’s current address, phone number, date of birth and signature or stamp
    • The relationship between the applicant and the proxy

    *If the Power of Attorney is handwritten, please use a ballpoint pen (an erasable pen is not accepted)

  2. Certificate Application for a Deceased Person
    In principle, the bereaved family can apply for such certificate(s). Please describe the reason for the application on the prescribed Application Form. The University will issue applied documents only if we confirm that the reason is appropriate. If you have any inquiries, please consult with the office of the faculty/graduate school which the student graduated from.
    Please refer to the page of Certificate Application and prepare the following two documents together with the necessary documents.

    • The Family Register that proves the relationship between the bereaved family (proxy) and the deceased person.
    • The bereaved family’s identification document (copy).