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Extracurricular Programs

Cultural Programs

Cultural Programs
Assembly Hour (in Japanese) This initiative provides students with access to a broad spectrum of knowledge and cultural resources not through books, television and other media, but through direct contact with the individuals possessing those resources. Around ten Assembly Hours are held annually, including several organized by students themselves.
What's on Thursdays (WOT) (in Japanese) This program encourages students to look forward to "What's on Thursdays" with a range of film screenings, concerts and other events using the Kambaikan Hardy Hall.
Clover Theater (in Japanese) The Kambaikan Clover Hall is the venue for this series of screenings of classic films that will live long in cinematic history. Come along and enjoy the relaxed surroundings as you relive some of the great moments in cinema.
Keishiryo Summer Festival (in Japanese) This program, designed for children in the local community and using Keishiryo as a venue, is planned and operated in collaboration with students.
Its aim is to open the university to the local community, and to provide a forum for building rapport between elementary school pupils and university students, contributing to personal growth on both sides.
CLAP (in Japanese) This program was launched in the 2004 Spring Semester, using the Kambaikan Clover Hall as its venue. If you have been looking for a chance to try your hand at pursuits such as drama and music, don't hesitate to join us and take this opportunity to shift your role from audience to performer.

Experiential Programs

Hakodate Camp (in Japanese) The venue for this camp is the city of Hakodate in Hokkaido, where Doshisha's founder Joseph Hardy Neesima embarked on his journey overseas in 1864 at the age of 21, in defiance of the Tokugawa Shogunate's prohibition on travel outside Japan. Participants learn about the life of Joseph Hardy Neesima and reflect on the Doshisha institution during a 3-night / 4-day program that encourages participants to get in touch with their inner selves through encounters and interaction with others.