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Center for Global Education [Curriculum]


Curriculum of the Center for Global Education

Curriculum Policy

The Center for Global Education will develop its curriculum in accordance with the following principles:

  1. As part of the University’s aim of developing internationally prepared and broadly cultivated students with an understanding of global affairs that is essential for all areas of specialization, the Center for Global Education will provide a space to comprehensively examine topics of shared concern to people in Japan and other countries from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives.
  2. (1) All classes will be conducted in English, (2) International students and students from Japan will enroll in courses together and (3) Small class sizes will allow for meaningful interaction and communication among students, which will provide exposure to different perspectives and create a space to cultivate independent thought based on a thorough understanding of the opinions of others.
  3. For students from Japan, a course of study consisting of overseas fieldwork to gain exposure to the languages, religions, and customs of people in other countries as a way to improve their understanding of global affairs and Japan’s changing position in the world.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar of the Center for Global Education on Doshisha Official Website

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