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Special Students

School Fees for Students admitted in 2025


  Total for the Initial Year Initial Registration Fee Admission Fee Tuition(annual) Tuition(the academic year is within 7 months) Credit Tuition for excess credits
(4. See below.)
Theology, Letters, Social Studies, Law, Economics, Commerce, Policy & Management, Global Studies 530,000 290,000 50,000 480,000 240,000 24,000
Culture & Information Science, Health & Sports Science 570,000 310,000 50,000 520,000 260,000 26,000
Science & Engineering, Life & Medical Sciences, Brain Science 710,000 380,000 50,000 660,000 330,000 33,000
Psychology, Business(Global MBA) 590,000 320,000 50,000 540,000 270,000 27,000
  1. The Admission Fee is collected in the initial year only.
  2. One half of the Tuition (annual) is collected in the Spring Semester and the other half in the Fall Semester.
  3. Initial Registration Fee: the Admission Fee in full, and the Tuition(the academic year is within 7 months).
  4. In the case where a student registers for over 20 credits in a year (10 credits if the enrollment period is less than seven months), the Credit Tuition is collected for the exceeding credits in addition to the Admission Fee and the Tuition.

Regular Students and Special Students

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Special Students