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The lmadegawa Campus is located to the north of the Kyoto lmperial Palace just in front of the Shokoku-ji Gate. There are five buildings on the lmadegawa Campus that have been designated as important cultural properties. The buildings are Western-style brick buildings and blend in nicely with Kyoto's beautiful landscape.

Muromachi Campus Shinmachi Campus

As of April 2010, academic classes for all the students of the School of Theology, the Faculties of Social Studies and Policy Studies and for third and fourth year students and graduate school students of the Faculties of Letters, Law, Economics and Commerce are offered at the lmadegawa Campus. In addition, all the students of the Graduate Schools of Global Studies, Policy and Management, Business and Law School are studying at the Imadegawa Campus.

In 2013, the education of first and second-year undergraduate students with humanities and social science majors will be integrated into the academic activities at the Imadegawa Campus. At the same time, the lmadegawa Campus will enhance its international atmosphere hosting study abroad centers of foreign institutions. Meanwhile, the Kyotanabe Campus, with the faculties such as Science and Engineering, and Life and Medical science, will be the center for advanced research on life, body, scientific technology, and information, and for research activities focusing on laboratory experiments and practical training of the related fields.


Karasuma-higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi 602-8580
Telephone : +81-75-251-3120 (Department of Public Relations)

Access to the Imadegawa Campus

Campus Map

Imadegawa Campus

  1. Amherst House [Registered Tangible Cultural Property]
  2. Guest House
  3. Koenkan
  4. Keimeikan Building [Registered Tangible Cultural Property]
  5. Repository Of Neesima Memorabilia
  6. Taishinkan
  7. Divinity Hall
  8. Chienkan(Under Reconstruction)
  9. Yushukan [Important Cultural Property]
  10. Kofukan
  11. Meitokukan
  12. Tokushokan
  13. Library
  14. Clarke Memorial Hall [Important Cultural Property]
  15. Shiseikan
  16. Fusokan
  17. Harris Science Hall [Important Cultural Property]
  18. Doshisha Chapel [Important Cultural Property]
  19. Shoeikan [Important Cultural Property]
  20. Shingikan
  21. Neiseikan
  22. Hakuenkan
  23. Ryoshinkan
    Poetic Tablets Yun Dongju
    Poetic Tablets Chong Chiyong

Karasuma Campus

  1. Shikokan

Muromachi Campus

  1. Kambaikan

Shinmachi Campus

  1. Shinsokan
  2. Jinshinkan
  3. Rinkokan
  1. Keisuikan
  2. Student Union (Main Bldg)
  3. Shinmachi Bekkan
  4. Keishiryo

Campus Map (PDF)

For printing, please download the following PDF file.
Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus

Campus Map (jpg)

Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus